SerialEM Note: Setup Email on K2 Computer


Chen Xu








SerialEM can send email; this feature has been there for a long time. I did not feel this was a must have so did not pay much attention to it. Now, we run scope 24/7 and like to get notification when something is wrong so we won’t lose too much time.

Although setting up a standalone email server might not be the easist thing, setting up a SMTP server and relay service on K2 computer is not that hard. This is partially because K2 computer is running a server operating system - Windows 2008 R2.

In this doc, I list what I have done to setup email notification on our SerialEM system.

Setup SMTP and Relay Service

I followed instructions in an on-line article Setup and Configure SMTP Server on Windows Server 2008 R2. It has images for each step and very easy to follow.

On SerialEM Part

There are a few steps we have to do on SerialEM side.

  1. add two property lines in property file:

# SMTPserver
  1. define email address to receive the notification. This from Tilt Series Menu - Set Email Address.

  2. insert a command line in main collection script for single partile data collection. Location of this line doesn’t matter.

ErrorBoxSendEmail Script Stopped!
  1. check “Send email at end” in Acquire at points … dialog window.